Property Market Trends

The price of avocado on toast at a local Melbourne café does not seem too pricey in comparison to current and predicted Melbourne housing prices. Domain figures have shown that there has been a 16% increase in housing prices and a 6% increase in unit prices. Trends...

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What a Will Kit doesn’t do

There are various ‘Will Kits’ available on-line – most are cheap or ‘free’ and all you need to do is download them and fill in the blanks. Many websites boast that you can prepare your Will ‘without spending hundreds of dollars on legal fees’. Simple, right? Not...

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Why you should use an Immigration Lawyer

Applying for a visa can be a daunting and anxiety-provoking task. Applying for some visas can be relatively straight forward, such as a holiday visa, however other visa applications can be very complicated and require an in-depth knowledge of the specific country’s...

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Buying a residential property in Victoria

Buying a property involves many overwhelming considerations, such as where you want to live, how much finance you can get, the type of property you want, not to mention complex conveyancing laws! Appointing an experienced property lawyer at an early stage is important...

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